Nike Women's Juvenate Swarovski Bling Shoes

Bling It On You has just reveled seven new swarovski bling shoes! These shoes are part of the Nike Women's Juvenate collection and are blinged with Swarovski Crystals! Perfect for that special event or even to run in style! Many color options available. All colors come in just about any Women's shoe size! To order or check these new shoes out click here!

We are not in anyway affiliated with Nike or Swarovski companies!

New Nike Air Max Bling Shoe Styles!

Bling It On You has launched many new styles in the Nike Women's Air Max shoe bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals!
These colors are sure to get the attention of the eye, and are by far our number one hit seller at the moment! These are perfect for that special occasion! View our many new styles below! Please note these are pictures of the shoes without the crystals on them because they are a made to order shoe, however when you place your order each "outside" nike swoosh will come bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals! To order these shoes please click here

Nike Women's Thea Bling Shoes! Now available in multiple colors!

Bling It On You has officially announced that we will be adding the Nike Women's Thea collection to our line of shoes that we bedazzle! These shoes are a perfect combination with the shiny Swarovski crystals. To order these shoes click here!

Please note that we don't have a picture of the shoe with the crystals on it because it is a made to order shoe!

However, whatever color shoe style you select it will come with each "outside" Nike swoosh bedazzled with silver / original color Swarovski crystals.

See the multiple colors pictured below:

Check out the Nike Women's Bling Shoe Collection!

Hello Bling Fans! 

Did you know that Blingitonyou is the best one stop shop for you Women's Nike Bling Shoes? If not, we want to prove it to you! Our Nike shoes are bedazzled by hand with Swarovski Crystals! We use top quality glue. With a top quality design, it would only make sense for us to have top quality professional workers! We train our workers to make the perfect shoe every time! With Nike Women's Bling Shoes from Blingitonyou you will be getting a quality product that will be sure to get the attention it well deserves. Visit the link today to check out our collection! Click Here to visit the Nike Women's Bling Shoe Collection! 




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